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"His is a message college students need to hear, especially male students who think violence against women is a woman's problem, and women who think it is unfashionable to adopt a feminist stance." -- Dr. Diane Bell, College of the Holy Cross

"Jackson Katz stunned and delighted his audience of over one thousand students, faculty, and townspeople...his blend of scholarship and personal experience, of humor and grim seriousness, and of compassion and zeal was a wonder to behold." -- Dr. James Skinner, Presbyterian College, South Carolina

"Jackson's dynamic theories and teaching style have had a profound impact on audiences in the programs he has done for us. We count on him to open the eyes and ears of lawyers and judges as we try to spread the word that violence against women is everybody's business." -- Roberta Valente, American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

"Jackson's message was inspiring and specific. Students, teachers, and administrators left with enthusiasm and a plan of action on how to better deal with the terrible problem of men's violence against women. I believe everyone in that gym - including our entire student body of 1000 young men - left thinking about these issues in a way they had never thought of them before." -- Raymond Carey III, St. John's Preparatory School, MA

"I am not exaggerating when I say that, nearly one month after Jackson Katz's presentation, Duke University students and staff are still talking about him...The power and emotion the students experienced was clearly demonstrated when they sprang from their seats to give him a standing ovation."  --Kristin Siebricht, Duke University

"Jackson Katz has developed a number of innovative strategies for inspiring men and boys to be allies with women and girls in the struggle against gender violence. His training with members of our statewide coalition was filled with practical suggestions for implementing these ideas in workplace and educational settings. His work deserves - and is getting - an even wider audience than it already has." -- Kathy Beebe, New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

"He...was exactly what we wanted...I was especially pleased that we were able to present an educational program that actually attracted people who needed to hear the message, rather than the more typical 'preaching to the converted'." -- Mary Bessonette, Southern Oregon University

"Jackson has a rare gift for applying feminist insights about gender and power to the real life experience of boys and men. He does this in a way that helps men think critically without becoming defensive, while offering women valuable new perspectives into masculinity." -- Susan McGee Bailey, Ph.D., Director, Wellesley Centers for Women

"His lecture was captivating, humorous, and informative...The large audience of 900 students was highly populated by fraternity and sorority members...He was able to get even the most unreceptive section of the audience to respond and participate...His lecture and the effects it had on the community were not quickly forgotten." -- Rona Yoffe, Cornell University

"The feedback on the video has been phenomenal. The students absolutely love it and can relate to it...Your contribution to public education should be commended." -- Karen Hendry, RN, M.Ed., School Nurse/Health Educator, Hadley, Massachusetts

"Violence prevention begins with a fearless look at the cultural factors that encourage violence, especially school violence. Tough Guise needs to be watched by every high school and middle school student in America." -- Mary Atwater Violence Prevention Coordinator, Jefferson County, Colorado

"Many programs released over the past few years have offered self-evident observations about America's violence problem--especially the disturbing uptick in deadly school violence--but...Tough Guise, hosted by Jackson Katz, is the first title to make my relatively savvy mental wheels turn....His general arguments are very persuasive...Highly recommended." -- R. Pitman, Video Reader

"Tough Guise has received nothing but the highest praise from students in my undergraduate and high school audiences as well as groups of educators and parents. Jackson Katz and Sut Jhally provide a powerful and much-needed portrayal of connections between masculinity and violence in U.S. society. I especially appreciate their efforts to be culturally inclusive and acknowledge the role of feminist thinkers and activists who have paved the way for understanding the social construction of gender (femininity and
masculinity). I applaud Jackson Katz and highly recommend Tough Guise for academic classrooms as well as general audiences everywhere." -- Elizabeth J. Allan, Ph.D., University of Maine

"Tough Guise is an invaluable resource for students of gender and racial/ethnic inequality. The film speaks to students on a personal level and challenges them to critically analyze traditional notions of masculinity in a socio-historical context. It highlights the "cost", for both men and women, of rigid definitions of masculinity and argues that men have an essential role to play in the struggle for lasting social change. The strength and impact of this film is evident in the overwhelmingly positive response from students, particularly men, who are hungry for alternative definitions of masculinity. Tough Guise is one of those rare films that viewers will keep with them long after they leave the classroom." -- Kristine M. Zentgraf, Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University, Long Beach

“Not only is Tough Guise entertaining and provocative for adults, my two adolescent boys were deeply touched as they saw their lives projected on screen. Rather than the more typical focus on how men and boys need to change their behavior to promote gender equity, Jackson Katz analyzes how men (as well as women) are hurt by their participation in media influenced gender roles.” -- Amy Levine, Ed.D., University of California, San Francisco


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